At a glance


Committed to the people in the Alps

For more than 20 years, we have been working on sustainable development of alpine regions. The people living there have always been in the centre of these efforts and ideas. The AFI, our institute is situated in the very heart of the Bavarian Alps; each one in our team participates in everyday life here. This is one of the reasons why we understand the people in the Alps, and they – in return – trust in us. That makes us put even more effort in our work.
And there is something else that motivates us: It is the beautiful and unique mountain scenery topped by the “Zugspitze” right in front of our eyes. We can see the natural riches, but also the hazards that mountains can bear. This splendid view and the confidence we enjoy give us the kick to proceed towards greater quality of life.

Together, let us create new answers for the Alpine area, and let us build on its potentials in a better way!