European and International Projects


With the Alpine Convention in 1992, an international legal framework for the protection of the Alps as a natural, living, and economic area was created. Together with the EU, the eight Alpine states committed to implementing this treaty. As part of the INTERREG Initiative, the EU issued an „Alpine Space“ programme, a research instrument for cross-border and transnational cooperation. Since 2002 this programme has run innovative projects linking the regions in the Alpine area with each other in the areas of competitiveness, accessibility and the environment. It is anticipated that exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge will facilitate and encourage common solutions. Other cross-border programmes can also help to remove barriers between the Alpine countries. We can successfully assume responsibility for the development and management of international and crossborder projects. Community projects are complex, and the administrative and organisational expenditure – mostly in English – is considerable. Our many years of experience enable us to lighten the load of project coordinators, allowing them time for the actual project development.
We formulate project proposals, translate them into application forms and create work and finance programmes. If a project is approved, our management experience comes into play. We are familiar with reporting and accounting procedures as well as the details of EU subsidies.

Moreover, we are happy to relieve project partners of the technical aspects and organise the coordination as regards content. Being aware of local sensitivities, we conduct multilingual communication between the various Alpine cultures. And – last, but not least – we support the projects with professional public relation work.