Sustainable Regional Development

What is the special blend that attracts over 120 million visitors to the Alps every year? Is it the grand panoramas, cultural landscapes created by man over the centuries, crystal clear waters, living customs, fresh mountain air, the feeling of freedom and majesty? The rural idyll is just one side of the coin: To make sure that the infrastructure, services and landscape management all rest on a firm foundation, the inhabitants of the Alpine areas need to have a solid economic basis.
This is where we come in: Sustainable regional development might sound rather prosaic, but it generally ends up giving a “turbo boost” to the potential lying dormant in the Alpine areas: We link ecology and economy to the needs and strengths of the inhabitants. By working with them, we breathe new energy into regional economic cycles; we promote key areas – such as energy management and tourism – linking them into nature and the environment. This creates new perspectives, fosters entrepreneurial spirit and courage, and inspires culture and customs with fresh impetus. Provided that as many people as possible all pull together. But that’s where we can help too.

We use our many years of experience in all areas of the Alps to benefit all of the regions. We can judge how well an idea will work very quickly – we have experience of a similar scenario. We use targeted dialogue to ensure constructive interaction between the various economic, environmental and social issues, enabling these areas to work together to find solutions: So everyone wins, particularly the individual region. Our practical experience makes the technical jargon used by public bodies and experts clear and readily understandable. We can tell the decision makers where to find the subsidies.